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Benefits of Installing a Cab Brace in a Vehicle

If you’re thinking about adding a cab brace to your vehicle, there are some important things you should know. Let’s explore the reasons for using a cab brace and why it’s a smart choice for your needs. Why Are Cab Braces Necessary? Cab braces are added safety when working on certain types of trucks, like […]

DUMP BRACE® Ensuring Longevity & Safety

Big trucks play an important role on-site and on the road. To stay safe while driving these trucks, you need to keep them at their best. With a safety-first mindset Truck Safety USA, has provided a tool that helps mechanics keep trucks operating at their best. Why You Need a DUMP BRACE® DUMP BRACE®s are […]

Dump Braces®: Help Prevent Accidents

Dump Braces® are designed to help secure the dump bed of a dump truck when in the raised position. The intention is to prevent the accidental lowering of the truck’s dump bed, providing an additional layer of security during maintenance and repairs.  The patent pending clamping mechanism of the Dump Brace® allows a simpler, faster, […]