Dump Braces®: Help Prevent Accidents

Dump Braces®: Help Prevent Accidents

Dump Braces® are designed to help secure the dump bed of a dump truck when in the raised position. The intention is to prevent the accidental lowering of the truck’s dump bed, providing an additional layer of security during maintenance and repairs. 

The patent pending clamping mechanism of the Dump Brace® allows a simpler, faster, and more secure installation. Dump Brace® was designed to minimize the time the raised dump bed is unsupported when installing. 

Hydraulic systems operate under high pressure and have the potential to fail, using safety locks can help reduce the chances of severe injuries or even fatalities by potentially allowing the person additional time to get out from under the raised bed.

Dump Brace® meets or exceeds OSHA and  ISO applicable safety regulations. 

Encourages Increased Operator Confidence

Challenging work conditions can make someone feel uneasy when working under a raised dump bed. When Dump Braces® are used,  mechanics feel safer and the Dump Brace® is designed to minimize unnecessary obstructions. 

Make Safety A Priority

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