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Truck Safety USA is the creator of the Dump Brace. A product that was proudly designed, sourced and built in the USA. In stock and ready to ship!


Truck Safety USA

Our main goal at Truck Safety USA is to ensure the utmost SAFETY of your team.

Our products OPTIMIZE INSTALLATION & SAFETY PROCEDURES in a seamless, simple way.

Our innovative, sleek dump lock product designs allow your staff ample working space, by minimizing unnecessary obstructions.

All Truck Safety USA products are proudly Designed, Sourced & Manufactured in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Standard Dump Brace with Person

Dump Truck & Fire Truck Safety Braces

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Why Choose Us Over The Competition


We use bolts to securely lock the brace to the frame of the dump truck. Our safety stand options are second to none.

Innovative Features

From our patent-pending clamping mechanism to our chain-less designs, we stay ahead of the curve.

Ease of Installation

Easier and quicker installation than any other dump brace stand on the market.

Diverse Range

We provide safety equipment for various commercial vehicles, from dump trucks to semi-trucks.

Optimized Design

Ensuring ease of use and ample working space, our locks lead the market.


Truck Safety USA has the best value and lowest dump brace price on the market.

Dedication to Safety

Every safety product, whether a dump bed lock or safety prop, underscores our commitment to road safety.

Super Duty Dump Brace® Part No. DB-3.5SD - Bracing up a dump bed

Developed and manufactured by Truck Safety USA,
DUMP BRACE ® is a safety brace lock used to secure the raised bed of dump trucks.

What makes DUMP BRACE ® different?

  • It’s patent pending clamping mechanism that allows a simpler, faster, & more secure installation process.
  • Built to minimize the amount of time the raised dump bed is unsupported during installation.
  • It takes just one person approximately 60 seconds to install a pair of braces. The dump truck bed locks increase efficiency and productivity.
  • The chain-less innovation simplifies installation and sets dump braces apart from the competition.

The design of both the DUMP BRACE ® and CAB BRACE ® design Meets/Exceeds these safety regulations

OSHA & ISO badges

Truck Safety USA is the creator of the Dump Brace. A product that was proudly designed, sourced and built in the USA.

United States Steel

Dump Truck & Fire Truck Safety Locks

In an era where road safety and transport efficiency have become paramount, the tools and equipment that facilitate these standards are in constant demand. Truck Safety USA is a company that embodies the pinnacle of safety equipment, with a strong emphasis on innovation and an unwavering commitment to its American-made products.

Dive deeper and explore our truck bed braces, cab braces for trucks, and fire truck cab braces, and reach out to us with any questions about our safety locks.

Safety stands and locks are essential components for any commercial vehicle, ensuring stability and preventing unforeseen accidents. Especially for heavy-duty vehicles like dump trucks and fire trucks, the need for robust safety equipment should be emphasized. With hazards always lurking, having reliable safety equipment is crucial. Truck Safety USA offers premium quality dump truck and fire truck safety locks to guard against any mishaps. This includes our dump trailer lock and body prop options. Reach out to us to learn about our safety locks.

Worrying if Your Truck Bed Might Cause An Accident?

Safety is the priority when dealing with heavy commercial vehicles like semi-trucks. That’s where Truck Safety USA steps in with its top-of-the-line truck bed safety locks. Never again fret over the stability of your dump body or truck bed. Reach out to us about our safety stand options! We can help you find a dump trailer lock as well!

The Best Truck Safety Equipment on the Market

By choosing safety equipment that is easy to store and use, your team is more likely to use the equipment. As you can see from our compact truck stand designs, we’re on a mission to set a new standard in dump truck safety and simplicity! 

With our user-friendly safety stands protecting your team, our truck bed locks and cab stands provide: 

  • Reduced risk while stabilizing the truck: Faster installation with chain-free operation secures the bed/cab and keeps your team safe. 
  • Robust durability: Our safety equipment is expertly engineered to withstand rigorous use without shifting. Simply tighten the dual-bolted clamping mechanism and your team can safely get to work.  

Compatible with an extensive range of truck beds and cabs, our safety equipment makes it easy to optimize your workplace safety standards. Not sure if our truck bed stand is capable of supporting your mechanical needs? Reach out to our experts at Truck Safety USA and we’ll help you find the right devices and accessories to fortify your operations today. 

Buy Our Truck Bed Safety Stands Today!

If you’re in the market for the best truck safety equipment, look no further than Truck Safety USA. We can help you protect your dump body with the best safety support or safety lock on the market today. Prioritize safety, optimize your commercial vehicles, and ensure that every journey is secure. Visit our website and elevate your truck body safety standards today!

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