Why Choose Us Over The Competition

1. Safety – We use bolts to securely lock the brace to the frame of the dump truck

2. Installation – Easier and quicker installation than any other brace system on the market

3. Price – Truck Safety USA has the best value and price

Developed and manufactured by Truck Safety USA, DUMP BRACE ® is a dump truck bed safety stand used to lock the raised bed of dump trucks.

What makes DUMP BRACE ® different?
• It’s patent pending clamping mechanism that allows a simpler, faster, & more secure installation process.
• Built to minimize the amount of time the raised dump bed is unsupported during installation.
• It takes just one person approximately 60 seconds to install a pair of braces which increases efficiency and productivity.

The design of both the DUMP BRACE ® and CAB BRACE ® design Meets/Exceeds these safety regulations….

OSHA logo

Standard Dump Brace with Person

Our main goal at Truck Safety USA is to ensure the utmost SAFETY of your team.

Our products OPTIMIZE INSTALLATION & SAFETY PROCEDURES in a seamless, simple way.

Our innovative, sleek product designs allow your staff ample working space, by minimizing unnecessary obstructions.


All Truck Safety USA products are proudly designed, sourced & manufactured in the United States of America