A pair of Dump Braces® can be Installed in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS in 3 simple steps!

  • STEP ONE: Set DUMP BRACE® safety locks onto the truck frame with a clamping mechanism beneath the flange.
  • STEP TWO: Slide DUMP BRACE® safety locks down the truck frame towards the raised bed frame.
  • STEP THREE: Using a ratchet, tighten the two bolts securely to engage the clamping mechanism.

Super Duty Dump Brace® Part No. DB-3.5SD – Bracing up dump bed


DUMP BRACE® safety locks offer a wide range of compatible standard applications, as well as Custom Capabilities to suit your specific needs.

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In the rapidly evolving transport sector, the emphasis on robust safety solutions cannot be understated. Truck Safety USA stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering the revolutionary Dump Brace, designed entirely in the USA. This bed brace combines durability, reliability, and unparalleled quality, meeting the pressing needs of the industry. With its unique design, this safety brace offers users ease of use, ample working space, and an enhanced level of safety.

The bed frame braces from Truck Safety USA have been a beacon of innovation and safety, emphasizing the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The Dump Brace, in particular, goes beyond conventional solutions, providing both stability and flexibility.

Every element has been carefully thought out. From its patent-pending clamping mechanism to its speedy installation process, the Dumb Brace locks represent a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation. The inclusion of chain-less technology further sets the product apart, offering users an unmatched safety experience.

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Prevent Accidents with Our Innovative Dump Braces

In the dynamic world of transport, preventing accidents should always be a priority. The Dump Brace, a flagship product from Truck Safety USA, steps up as a safety lock solution. With a unique patent-pending clamping mechanism and a faster installation process, this trailer brace promises not only efficiency but unmatched safety. Embracing a chain-less innovation, our trailer braces set themselves apart from the competition, making them a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their truck’s safety features.

The heart of the Dump Brace lies in its innovative design, allowing for a more seamless and secure experience. Our bed frame braces, and especially the dump brace, are a testament to Truck Safety USA’s commitment to safety and innovation. From dump trucks to regular trucks, these braces fit seamlessly, ensuring that the truck frame remains stable and accident-free. Check out our cab braces for trucks and fire truck cab braces for more specialized solutions.

Our Truck Braces Provide Needed Truck Bed Support 

When you make the switch to chain-free truck bed supports, better safety standards are established on day one. 

Did you know that our strong and stable dump braces can withstand 3 times more force than your average truck bed support? When your team is dealing with heavy-duty trucks and rough and demanding worksite conditions, efficient and safe mechanical work is a must. With our made-in-the-USA truck bed support, your team benefits from: 

  • Simplicity: It only takes about 60 seconds to fasten a pair of our bed braces. 
  • Trailer braces protect your bottom line: A better truck brace can pay for itself in long-term operational efficiency. Anytime you need to work under the bed, your team will spend more time being productive while maintaining safe repairs. 

Contact Our Team for the Best Safety Braces and Bed Locks on the Market!

At Truck Safety USA, we prioritize the needs of our clients. We understand the importance of securing your truck bed, which is why our safety braces, from bed braces to body braces, are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. The innovative features of our brace and lock further highlight our commitment to safety and quality.

Don’t leave the safety of your vehicle to chance. Invest in the best. Contact our team today and equip your vehicles with the leading safety braces on the market. Ensure a journey that’s secure, efficient, and worry-free. Visit our website now!