Dump Braces vs. Traditional Truck Safety Measures A Comparative Analysis

Dump Braces vs. Traditional Truck Safety Measures: A Comparative Analysis

A commercial truck with dumping capability is essential for many types of jobs, such as road laying, landscaping, and hauling. These vehicles have many moving parts and they are very heavy. One of the best tools for safety and mechanical work is a dump truck bed safety brace.

Basic Dump Truck Safety Practices

There are several common-sense protocols that all commercial dump truck owners and operators should follow to ensure safety across the board. The first order of business is to routinely maintain all the moving parts of the truck, including the lift mechanism and tire pressure. 

When working on the truck you can place safety locks, such as Dump Braces, which offer added safety

What is a Dump Brace?

A Dump Brace is a safety lock that offers an added measure of security during mechanical work and inspection. When the bed of the truck is in the raised position to prepare for inspection, a brace is locked into position on both sides of the truck frame with a clamping mechanism. These dump truck safety braces are installed with ease. They secure the truck bed in its raised position to provide added protection for anyone inspecting or working on the truck. The braces are then removed before lowering the bed.

Using the Dump Brace technology, mechanics, and truck companies can add an extra layer of safety during their labor. 

Types of Applications 

Safety locks and stands are critical components to ensure stability during mechanical work and regular inspections. Safety is the number one priority. There are a variety of truck types that you can use Dump Braces on. These safety locks were designed with heavy machinery in mind. 

  • Single and double-axle trucks
  • Mining trucks
  • Flat tilt trailers
  • Gravel dump trucks
  • Chippers
  • Dump Trucks

Advantages of Dump Brace Safety Locks 

The design of the Dump Brace exceeds the safety requirements of both OSHA and ISO. This device is sourced and manufactured entirely in the USA. This is chain-less technology that works via a patent-pending clamping mechanism. It is easy and fast to install, taking one person to easily secure the braces in place. The superior design and ease of installation set our truck bed safety locks apart from the competition. 

The safety and the welfare of your employees was our main concern when developing the Dump Brace technology. We needed to come up with a product that minimizes the time and effort it takes to implement additional safety measures. Not only is this prudent, but it also increases workplace efficiency. 

Reach Out for More Information 

At Truck Safety USA, our primary goal is to ensure the safety of your team and the equipment they are working on. We specialize in truck safety equipment, not just dump truck bed safety locks/braces. We also manufacture truck cab braces and additional customizable accessories. Contact us today and we can discuss your truck safety needs and how you can purchase our Dump Braces.