Common Dump Truck Maintenance Safety Issues & How Dump Braces Solve Them

Common Dump Truck Maintenance Safety Issues & How Dump Braces Solve Them

Keeping your vehicles in great shape requires a careful and organized maintenance plan. To protect your team, vehicles, and your facility from a range of maintenance hazards, our rugged and reliable truck bed safety braces are establishing a new standard in truck maintenance safety. 

How do our innovative truck bracing systems promote greater safety? Our easy-to-mount systems address three core areas of need related to truck maintenance safety.

Our Truck and Cab Braces Maximize Available Working Space

Bulky securement equipment and chains obstruct the working area. Unlike oversized and hard-to-manage equipment that can slow productivity and get in the way, our sleek brace designs open up the work area.

Even though our space-saving brace systems are compact and maximize available workspace, our braces impressively support up to three times more force than the average truck brace. After completing your truck maintenance duties, our convenient braces also save space for ease of storage and tidier workspace. 

Our User-Friendly Truck Safety Braces Are Easier to Mount & Remove

When you provide your team with safety gear that is easier to use, it is more likely to become part of the routine. Our products feature a simple bolt-on system, and mounting a set of our safety braces can be completed with a ratchet in only 60 seconds.

 To install our dump truck braces, simply:

  • Place the clamping mechanism along the dump bed frame
  • Slide the locking system towards the raised bed
  • Secure the two bolts with a ratchet until tight
  • Your truck bed is now secured and ready for cleaning and maintenance!

For cab brace installation, check out our simple, 3-step process for safer engine compartment maintenance every time you use our cab braces for trucks. Designed exclusively to save your company time and improve productivity with every use, anyone can learn to use our safety systems in minutes. If you have any questions about the quick and easy installation process, feel free to contact our helpful team at Truck Safety USA for truck-specific guidance. 

As a result, the ease of brace installation reduces the amount of time the raised dump bed or cab is unsupported. With our fast and easy-to-use safety braces supporting your vehicles, your team also benefits from: 

  • Increased productivity and maintenance efficiency
  • Reduced risk of workplace injury
  • Increased safety plan compliance

Our Affordable Truck Safety Products Protect Your Bottom Line

It’s hard to put a price on effective safety products. Safeguarding your team members is invaluable. The low cost of our supportive braces is quickly offset by labor savings. In addition to the upfront benefits of safeguarding your team members and reducing labor expenses, our braces protect your budget from possible: 

  • Vehicle damage
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Facility damage
  • Productivity delays
  • & More

As you can see, a single set of braces can positively benefit every realm of business. Instead of risking injury, vehicle maintenance delays, and other avoidable incidents, a proactive investment in better safety equipment is all it takes to prevent the majority of maintenance risks. 

Customize Your Safety Needs With Truck Safety USA

Our built-to-last bracing systems are compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Whatever your heavy-duty vehicle maintenance requirements may be, we make it easy to find the perfect bracing system for your exact specifications. From fire truck cabs to oversized dump truck beds, our sturdy safety products eliminate workplace hazards with every truck cleaning, maintenance, and repair service. 

Have questions about our braces or need safety equipment for your entire fleet? Our made-in-the-USA safety gear ships fast costs less, and is backed by a no-hassle warranty/return policy. For product recommendations and installation guidance, our safety experts at Truck Safety USA are glad to help.